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OpenStreetMap Survey by Visits

In my last post I looked at survey responses by country and their correlation with mappers eligible for a fee waver as an active contributor.

I wanted to look at the correlation with views. I already had a full day’s worth of logs on accesses, so I filtered them for requests from and got a per-country count. This is from December 29th, 2020. Ideally it would be from a complete week, and not a holiday, but this is the data I had downloaded.

Preview image

The big outlier is Italy. It has more visits than I would expect, so I wonder if the holiday had an influence. Like before, the US is overrepresented in the results, Russia and Poland are underrepresented, and Germany is about average.

Like before, I made a graph of the smaller countries.

Preview image

More small countries are above the average line - probably an influence of Italy being so low.